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The new social MMO on the block!

Piffsy is a 3D social network platform that helps you meet new friends and stay connected with your family and with who you are interested anytime anywhere.

Launching Soon!


  • Free to Play
  • True 3D Open World Experience
  • 3D Text Chat
  • Random Gem Loot Rewards
  • Piffsy Web 2D Social Network
  • Web Store for Virtual Items
  • 100's of Avatar Customizations
  • Realtime Avatar DNA Editor (Body Shape, Skin, Hair & Eye Colors)
  • Create Custom Game Content
  • Vehicles
  • Avatar Emotes
  • Real Estate (Decoratable Houses)
  • pCoins Virtual Currency
  • Mini Games (Game Zones)
  • Buy & Sell with Classified Ad's
  • Teleportation Bookmarks
  • Customizable Profile Page
  • Customizable Avatar Nametags
  • Daily Login Rewards


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